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Global Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Station Network project to settle in Dapeng

To accelerate the development of future industry and to form an aerospace technology industry cluster in Dapeng New District, the Global Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Station Network Project will settle in the Baguang area of the Kuichong Subdistrict.

1st ‘Ingenuity Cup’ AI contest launched

The first “Ingenuity Cup” National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Application Competition officially kicked off August 4, the organizers announced at an online launching ceremony on the same day.

COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 8)

Shenzhen reported no new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases yesterday.

Nan’ao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum opens

A ceremony marking the opening of the Nan’ao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Dapeng New District was held August 1 on the third floor of the Nan’ao Cultural and Sports Center.

FeaturesMORE +

Xichong, where stars meet fireflies

This year, thanks to the efforts towards preserving the local environment, Shenzheners are treated with the dreamy scenes of roaming fireflies at Xichong community, Nan’ao, on the Dapeng Peninsula.


Intl. talents express love to Dapeng

American makes her very f...

At the invitation of Zhang Zhangmei, the fourth-generation inheritor of the Nan’ao sea urchin zongzi cooking techniques, Kiara Lynn Garcia Hernandez from the U.S. came to Nan’ao, Dapeng New District on May 26 to taste sea urchin zongzi and learn from Zhang how to make her first zongzi.


Dapeng's war on COVID-19

In order to do well in implementing the COVID-19 prevention and control measures on a daily basis, Dapeng Government Online launched this featured page to provide all kinds of COVID-related news and information including latest news, daily updates and reminders.


Tracing Dapeng's Red History

Dapeng New District is famous for its picturesque coastal scenery, the vast Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark and the centuries-old Dapeng Fortress but it is also a red area which witnessed local people's indomitable spirit to resist foreign aggression.